Wonderful Potluck Event Saturday, May 23rd

Potluck 1Potluck 2

We had about 27 people gather inside at the church for great food and wonderful fellowship in spite of the storms!  Carolyn’s blackberry cobbler was a great hit and there were some dishes made from fresh ingredients from the garden such as salad and green beans!  If you missed this one be sure and make the next one.

The sun is actually popping out a little so those tomatoes may start ripening after all. If you haven’t checked out the berry beds be sure and take a look.  They are gorgeous.

Hope to see you soon at the garden and maybe you it won’t be in an ark!

Beautiful Blooms!

Larkspur 2 2015

The larkspur is blooming beautifully at the garden and the bees and butterflies are loving it!  Thanks Laura Margadonna for caring for our flower beds and the herb bed. You do a great job.