Composting Workshop

Yesterday, a group of gardeners gathered at The Giving Garden to learn how to start a compost pile from Erin Hoffer of the City of Plano and the Plano Community garden. She instructed us on the proper method of tool handling and building the layers of browns and greens to make the compost “cook.”

We all learned a lot. Erin donated a thermometer and a moisture gauge to get us up and running with our pile.

On another note, we got to watch a beautiful, green spider on the okra in Kirsten Stuart’s bed. She’s hatched a mess of babies and after some research, we determined that it was a Green Lynx Spider and is beneficial to the garden. Be on the lookout for them in the garden and be glad if you’re lucky enough to have one in your bed.

Here’s a photo:

Mama on her egg sack

Happy Gardening All!

Fall Work Day

Square Garden Layout

Saturday was a beautiful day to work at the garden. Although we had only a few gardeners, those few got quite a bit of clean-up done.

All the beds are now numbered, 1-32, so it will be easier to locate a certain bed. Fire ant mounds were drenched with orange oil and horticultural molasses. Lots of weeds were pulled around the plots and in between the beds, but sadly, there is still a lot more weeding to be done. Hopefully, all those who were not able to come on Saturday will weed around their own beds in this next week. We were starting to look pretty raggedy!

The fall veggies are really starting to take off, so be sure to take out those old, spent summer vegetables and put in a fall crop. We’re still collecting each Saturday for the food pantry and this past Saturday we collected 12 pounds of eggplants, okra, peppers and basil.

Here’s a picture of our new shed with its new forest green paint job. Thank you “Mark the Painter” for doing such a great job. Mark is Cindy Baxley’s brother and the Baxleys sponsored Mark to paint our shed.

Our New Garden Shed

Happy gardening all!