Garden Information

The Giving Garden of Carrollton organization will provide materials for maintaining and enancing individual plots. This includes the critical elements of healthy compost, water, and mulch. The organization will provide tools such as wheel-barrows, shovels, hoes, rakes and other similar hand tools. The organization will provide a shed for storage of community tools and equipment. Gardeners will provide personal tools, seeds and plants.

The garden will use organic techniques. This does not simply mean that we do not use pesticides. Rather, it is a focus on promoting thriving, biological systems in the soil and within the garden. The garden will use simple organic remedies for problems that threaten our crops, but experience shows that the better our soil, the healthier our plants, and the less we need to intervene.

Each gardener selects what he or she wishes to grow; often more than one crop within the same plot. The mixture of plants helps to disorient problem insects and attract and retain beneficial insects.