Work day 08-27-2016

We had a very successful workday with about 90% of all the gardeners coming out to work for the betterment of the garden. We had two student volunteers and a wonderful crew of eight people sent from the North Texas Food Bank.  Laura Margadonna ordered and received a delivery of compost on Thursday so we were equipped to direct the volunteers to wheelbarrow loads to all the plots that were ready for compost to raise the level of their beds.

Willie Lane directed some of the volunteers to get the remaining guide wires installed on the sagging rabbit fencing. Willie also lopped branches that were hanging around the side and back of the shed and installed an indoor/outdoor thermometer in the shed.

Joe Grizzel mowed, Jill White weeded the herb bed and sprayed some community bed plants, TC and Carolyn worked the berry patch and helped the harvesters.

Thanks to Laura Margadonna for picking up amendments and placing them in the shed for all gardeners’ use. Now is the time to amend your beds to prepare them for plantings.




Workday 08-27-16

North Texas Food Bank Volunteers 08-27-16