3rd Annual Big Event

The Lewisville ISD East Zone held its third annual Big Event yesterday and the Giving Garden was fortunate to have 22 Hebron students and their sponsor join us in a wonderful work day in the garden. We had a mountain of mulch to move and with the help of these strong students and a great group of gardeners the task was accomplished by mid-day. The mission of the Big Event reads:  “Through service-oriented activities, The Big Event promotes campus and community unity as students come together for one day to express their gratitude for the support from the surrounding community.”

Making a Difference


As of July 2nd, The Giving Garden, Carrollton’s first community garden, has already donated 1,000 lbs. of fresh organic produce to people in need in 2016! In fact, our donations this year are almost twice what they were in previous years at this time! The Giving Garden donates its harvests to Christian Community Action and to AUMC’s Food Share programs so that all of our neighbors may enjoy nutritious meals. Sure, it’s hot outside but gardeners and volunteers are making a difference in people’s lives!

Happy 4th of July!

FlagVeteransAs we celebrate this weekend we are grateful for all those currently serving, those that have served as well as those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom!

Bunny Wranglers are Successful!

Bunny2A little bunny has been munching his way through the garden over the last few weeks.  This morning several gardeners, affectionately known as the “Bunny Wranglers,” managed to corner him in the back of the garden and Laura Margadonna pinned him with a stick while Martha Grizzel picked him up to relocate him outside the fence!

Hints of Berries to Come ! ! !

TC and Carolyn Berries 4-2-16 TC berry blooms 4-2-16Thanks to the great care of T.C. and Carolyn Rice, the berry patch is blooming beautifully.  They have pruned, watered and fertilized to keep our patch productive. We look forward to donating a bountiful supply of berries this year!

Productive Workday March 19th

hhh WORKDAY 3-19-16 H workday 3-19-16 HH workday 3-19-16

If you missed Saturday’s workday, you missed a fun time.  The garden was buzzing with activity as we had 21 students and most of the gardeners showing up to volunteer. After pulling Bermuda grass, students wheelbarrowed load after load of mulch to cover the aisles. Many gardeners were preparing their plots for planting (waiting to plant because of the impending frost!).


Wonderful End of Harvest Party!

End of Harvest 2015 (1)


End of Harvest 2015 Board

Your Giving Garden Board of Directors

What a wonderful time everyone had at our End of Harvest party!  We have some very good cooks at the garden and the gift exchange game was a hoot!  Congratulations to Laura for winning the raffle gift.

End of Month All Gardener Work Day

Harvest 07-25-2015 and Work day (1)Harvest 07-25-2015 and Work day (3)Harvest 07-25-2015 and Work day (2)Harvest 07-25-2015 and Work day (4)Harvest 07-25-2015 and Work day (5)Harvest 07-25-2015 and Work day (7)

Today was Food Share for senior citizens in the community delivered by volunteers of Aldersgate United Methodist Church.  Thanks to Cindy Baxley for taking our 21 lb. harvest up to the church for distribution.  We had a Hebron High School senior assisting in the garden and with Food Share this morning and he was a tremendous help. We also had a neighbor volunteer. Linda had been a recipient of some of our free mulch and felt she wanted to give back so she joined us in pulling Bermuda grass.  She is in the orange shirt and floppy straw hat.

There were so many people working to clean up the garden common areas pulling Bermuda grass and weeds. It was hot but the efforts of so many were SIZZLING as tasks got done.  Thanks to all who help to keep our beautiful garden in good shape!