Ladybug Picnic!

Ladybugs on Arugula

I stopped by the garden yesterday to check on the “greens bed.” I’ve planted a variety of greens-butter lettuce, kale, spinach, chard, mesclun and argula. I was surprised and delighted to discover a ladybug explosion in the bed. I stopped counting at 20 ladybugs. I’m sure they were finding some bugs to munch on and they were also busy making more ladybugs!

Last spring, Willie Lane released a bunch of ladybugs in the garden and I’d like to think that these are their offspring. Hopefully the greens bed will keep them around until the next planting. I’ll be covering the bed to protect them from hard freezes.

Be sure to order your seeds for next spring’s garden now. If you want to grow your own seeds, many should be started around mid-January.

Happy Garden Planning!