Pesto Time!

When I visited the garden this morning, it seemed to be breathing a sigh of relief that the triple digit weather has abated. Most everything seems to be growing again-especially the basil. If you haven’t made any pesto yet-it’s time! Freeze some in ice cube trays to pop in your pasta or soup dishes this winter.

The garden is really looking up with a new picket fence, a vegetable washing stand, two raised handicapped beds and two picnic tables. Yeah for the eagle scout projects. We have accomplished so much this season. Thanks to everyone’s efforts we have collected over 200 pounds of organic produce for those in need in southern Denton County.

The best time for gardening in Texas is near-Happy Gardening All!

Heat Loving Veggies

Well, there are things still growing in this heat. Here’s a picture of a beautiful eggplant growing in Cindy and Amy’s garden. Eggplants, okra, cucumbers, sage and basil are the stars this week. The heat doesn’t seem to faze them.

Bark mulch is being laid in Phase II, thanks to the hard work of our community service volunteer, James. Please give him a big thank you for all he’s done for our garden. He’s worked exceptionally hard, especially in our triple digit heat.

New fall transplants are hanging in there. It will be cool one day. Happy gardening everyone.