Grand Opening Day

The Giving Garden was officially “opened” today with a ribbon cutting ceremony. There was a Presentation of the Colors Ceremony, Pledge of Allegiance, and opening words from Willie Lane. Paster Woody spoke and offered a prayer, Cathy Henesey from Keep Carrollton Beautiful spoke and Carrollton’s Mayor, Ron Branson, presented a proclamation naming April, 2010 “Community Gardening Month.” The ribbon was cut appropriately with gardening shears.

Gardeners received terrific news this week that water will soon be installed in the garden. Not too much longer of lugging gallons to water the beds! Despite the lack of water and gale force winds, the vegetables are ruggedly growing. Fourteen more beds are planned for Phase II and we are hopeful of starting soon. The water will be extended throughout the entire garden, including Phase I and II. As soon as the water is set, a work day will be set the spread mulch in the pathways around the beds.
The Giving Garden has five Eagle Scout projects currently in progress. Scouts will be putting a fence around the garden, building compost bins, a storage shed, handicap-accessible beds, vegetable cleaning tables, picnic benches, a gazebo and the children’s beds. Thank you scouts!
There will be a gardener’s meeting on Saturday, May 1, at 10 a.m. at the garden. There will be refreshments and all Giving Garden gardeners are invited. The purpose is to get to know each other and to go over gardening rules.
Happy gardening!