We Are Mulched!

Herb Garden

With two deliveries from Living Earth of 25 cubic yards of mulch, the garden is looking so beautiful. Believe it or not though, we still need to buy more to complete a few rows and the common area between Phase I and II. The mulch has made a huge difference in the neatness of the garden and will help with the weeds between the beds.

Here is a photo of the newly planted herb garden that is available to all gardeners of The Giving Garden. This bed was initially planted by Daisy Troop #3959. Kirsten, Amy and I had fun with the nine 5-6 yr. old girls and their parents, planting out the bed on Saturday, April 9. Soon the herbs will be mature enough for harvesting. Thank you, Daisies.

Some gardeners are already harvesting onions, carrots, potatoes, chard and kale. David Strickland took 25 pounds of veggies to CCA this past week. Soon we will start our Saturday harvests for our food share program. The soil seems so much better than last year, our first year. We have identified some pests this year-the harlequin bug and the flea beetle. So far, we have not seen the squash bug, but we are on the look out! Many of us have taken steps to deter the squash bug, such as planting radishes around the squash and setting out beer traps. So far, so good.

We soon will be harvesting tomatoes and squash. Happy gardening all!