Plant Families and Crop Rotations

This file lists major plant families and suggests methods of crop rotation. It also includes a table matrix showing plants that are good and/or bad companions. It is an excellent reference for selecting plant groupings in your bed.


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Work day 08-27-2016

We had a very successful workday with about 90% of all the gardeners coming out to work for the betterment of the garden. We had two student volunteers and a wonderful crew of eight people sent from the North Texas Food Bank.  Laura Margadonna ordered and received a delivery of compost on Thursday so we were equipped to direct the volunteers to wheelbarrow loads to all the plots that were ready for compost to raise the level of their beds.

Willie Lane directed some of the volunteers to get the remaining guide wires installed on the sagging rabbit fencing. Willie also lopped branches that were hanging around the side and back of the shed and installed an indoor/outdoor thermometer in the shed.

Joe Grizzel mowed, Jill White weeded the herb bed and sprayed some community bed plants, TC and Carolyn worked the berry patch and helped the harvesters.

Thanks to Laura Margadonna for picking up amendments and placing them in the shed for all gardeners’ use. Now is the time to amend your beds to prepare them for plantings.




Workday 08-27-16

North Texas Food Bank Volunteers 08-27-16

2015 Donations 2,078 lbs


Donation Chart

Donation Chart

The Giving Garden of Carrollton has donated over 2,000 pounds of fresh organic produce to Christian Community Action and the Aldersgate UMC in 2015.

We welcome you to come join in our efforts. Now interviewing applicants interested in adopting a plot for 2016. The yearly fee is $40 for a bed measuring 4′ x 20′.

Let your friends and neighbors know that plots are available for rent.


July 25 2015 Harvest

Today was Food Share for senior citizens in the community delivered by volunteers of Aldersgate United Methodist Church.  Thanks to Cindy Baxley for taking our 21 lb. harvest up to the church for distribution.

Harvest 07-25-2015 and Work day (7)

June 20, 2015 Harvest

Pounds of fresh produce

Pounds of fresh produce

The cucumbers and greens were beautiful.

June 20, 2015 Produce

And the tomatoes were abundant!

June 20, 2015 Tomatoes

First Harvest of 2015


25.5 lbs

25.5 lbs

Saturday, March 28th we had a beautiful day for our end of month work day.  At one time there were 26 people working like busy bees in the garden.  We began by harvesting 25.5 lbs. of greens and cabbages for the Food Share program at Aldersgate Methodist Church. This was our first harvest of this year and you can see we had an abundance of greens  Can you imagine how thrilled those seniors were to get this organic produce?  And, some got deliveries from our smiling student volunteers.  It was a treat for all.  The student volunteers dug a lot of Bermuda and laid mulch in the aisles.

Thanks to Steve Barrett, the water was repaired and many gardeners took advantage of the beautiful day to get their beds planted for Spring.